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About Our Label

My Secret, THE LABEL is the newest addition to our brand, How did we stumble upon the idea of incorporating a clothing line into our lash brand you might ask? Our CEO has a keen interest in not just the beauty industry but also the HIGH END fashion industry which means its totally second nature to bring out a HIGH END clothing line after the success we have had with our lash brand over the past few months, we have achieved things in our first 6 months that we would have never of thought we would have achieved, we foresee our clothing line taking off similar to our lash line. We have an absolute LOVE for matching suiting made from tweed which is a super durable fabric meaning your items will last much longer, not only will we be stocking super cute suiting but we will also be stocking dresses,tops, skirts and the like made from other quality fabrics such as 100% Silk, Wool Blends and Jacquard. 

All of our items will be custom made upon order which means processing time will be between 5-7 days (although right now we are in the mix of trying to outsource bulk stock), but as an extremely active company whose communication is consistent we can assure you we will be keeping you updated on your order as it is being made. However once we have established common items that are popular with our customers processing time will be much shorter as we will start to pre produce popular items to a standard size range. My Secret, THE LABEL invests in quality fabrics so that we uphold our HIGH END reputation. 

Our CEO always feels as though she is possessing a different persona as she applies the different styles of lashes we produce, so why not stock clothing that can reflect the persona that our lashes will have you feeling, you will always be feeling fabulous if you can not only change up your lashes but change up your whole style by shopping with MSL.


We cannot wait to see you all wearing our luxurious new range. 


Love MSL xx