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Q & A ( My Secret, THE LABEL)

  • How long do i need to wait for my garment to be processed? 

As soon as your order is placed construction of your garment will commence that day to ensure we meet the 5-7 day time frame. 

  • What if i receive my item and i've picked the wrong size? 

In the event you have exhausted all of the below options and have still ended up with the wrong size we are happy to provide you with an exchange for the correct size. Generally our sizing will be consistent with the measurements in the size charts provided, or we will state in the description whether it is recommended you go up or down a size in the item OR contact one of our friendly sales assistants by phone or email and we can walk you through our sizing

  • Do you do refunds? 

Under no circumstance do we do refunds, our refund policy is consistent with our lash refund policy in the sense that our product goes through a rigorous quality and assurance before leaving HQ. In the event you are unhappy with your purchase we are happy to provide you with a credit note for our store or an exchange, in saying that all of our garments look as they are displayed in the marketing photos as we try to get our team members to take realistic photos in our items to demonstrate the quality we are producing. 

  • Will you be doing the "Lashes on the go service" for ACT customers for  your clothing line?
We certainly will be, once your garment has been completed we will deliver to you straight away to minimise anyunnecessary wait times, in the future when we identify our popular items our delivery assistant will be carrying a full size range of items to your door upon request for you to try on in the comfort of your own home this way you can get a feel for sizing and style etc. NOTE: GARMENTS must be pre purchased to enable you to see/try on other sizes if NEEDED.